LFC Daily News Clips | August 1, 2016

Good Morning

Reporting on the cuts to scholarship program and resulting wait list: LFC president Ann Duplessis has been interview by the Louisiana Radio Network, Washington Examiner and The Advocate.

The Advocate reports on the opening of two new Baton Rouge charter schools and CEO/founder Eric Lewis.

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Tweet of the Day

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School Choice

Louisiana Radio Network: With cuts to the voucher program, many students left on waiting list for private schools http://bit.ly/2apLQEZ

WWL-Radio: No vouchers for private school students needing monetary aid http://bit.ly/2afrSts

The Town Talk (A.P.): No vouchers for private school students needing monetary aid http://townta.lk/2aWnMba

Watchdog.org: Governor takes school choice from Louisiana children http://bit.ly/2arQgva

NOLA.com: 5 New Orleans-area schools with the longest voucher waitlists http://bit.ly/2apGjy5

Washington Examiner: Teachers’ union head says Clinton is with them against school choice http://washex.am/2alGHMH

Charter Schools

The Advocate: Getting students into college is overriding goal of two new BR charter schools http://bit.ly/2arMeDe

Education Reform

The Hayride: It’s Pretty Obvious By Now That John Bel Edwards Is in the Education Lobby’s Pocket http://bit.ly/2aWrIZN

The Advocate: School violence key concern among parents, officials, Louisiana Supt. of Education John White finds in statewide meetings http://bit.ly/2atu9BO

Mid-City Messenger: Fayard for Senate, school board incumbents win endorsements from Independent Women’s Organization http://bit.ly/2arRqqQ

The Advertiser: Schools face progress, opportunity as new year approaches http://bit.ly/2aJ1opO