LFC Daily News Clips | November 9, 2016

Good Morning

It was a clean sweep for LFC supported candidates in the Orleans Parish School Board races with three pro-school choice candidates winning their contests. Congratulations to Leslie Ellison, Woody Koppel and Nolan Marshall, Jr.

Pro-school choice candidates prevail nationwide. 80 out of 82 AFC-supported candidates won their respective races across the country, with one race still too close to call, and there were numerous victories in non-targeted races.

Putting it all in perspective: If you’re in D.C. tomorrow, join us for post-election discussion featuring Campbell Brown, Nina Rees, Kevin Chavous and Greg Brock, E² Elections & Education | 2017 and Beyond.

Enjoy your day! – Paul

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American Federation for Children

Educational choice candidates prevail in New Orleans school board races http://bit.ly/2eCoMS0

National Momentum in Favor of School Choice http://bit.ly/2fC6eEb

School Choice Deciding Factor in State Legislative Races http://bit.ly/2fxyMOO

Wisconsin Voters Return Bipartisan School Choice Majorities to Madison http://bit.ly/2fBT4qu

After Putting Union Interests Over Teachers and Children, Rep. Kevin Dunlap Loses Re-election http://bit.ly/2fmauqw

Oklahoma Voters Embrace School Choice Candidates http://bit.ly/2fxnoSY

Millions of dollars from teachers union cannot stop school choice parents from swaying elections http://bit.ly/2ekvIYR

Election Day and What it Means for K-12 Education http://bit.ly/2fQPImS

24 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 8 http://bit.ly/2eBohrs

School Choice

The 74: Georgia Rejects State Intervention in Chronically Failing Schools http://bit.ly/2fDuSmc

The 74: Massachusetts Voters Say No to Charter School Expansion http://bit.ly/2fm8P45

The New York Times: Massachusetts Ballot Measure on Charter School Expansion Fails http://nyti.ms/2fDzrN8

Education Week: Georgia Voters Shunning State-Run District for Struggling Schools http://bit.ly/2eLmF1K

Education Reform

Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: Orleans School Board incumbents stay in power http://bit.ly/2eD0iID

The New Orleans Advocate: Competing teachers union, ed-reform cash infusions in Orleans Parish School Board races result in wins for incumbents http://bit.ly/2fZpC0f