LFC Daily News Clips | July 13, 2017

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The Louisiana Department of Education released 2017 LEAP assessment results. The department says Louisiana students maintained steady performance as schools transitioned to online testing in grades 5 and above for the first time.

“We have raised academic expectations in Louisiana in order to prepare more students for success in college and the workplace, and it is encouraging to see our students and educators embracing these expectations and achieving at levels competitive with other states,” said State Superintendent John White. “But there remains more work to be done.”

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Louisiana student test results unchanged in third year of tougher standards

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Ahead of unification, Orleans school district formalizes warning system for charters

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Lawsuit to remove White dismissed

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NEA President: ‘No Reason to Trust’ Betsy DeVos

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Turning Red: New Jersey’s Well-Heeled Teachers Union Backs Trump Supporter Over State’s Top Democrat

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