Republican gubernatorial candidates discuss Louisiana’s Education Revolution

On Monday, Oct. 12, 2015, Republican gubernatorial candidates Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne and United States Senator David Vitter joined the Louisiana Federation for Children at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, to discuss advancing Louisiana’s Education Revolution.

Dardenne and Vitter answered questions about school choice options in Louisiana and discussed their individual plans on how to empower parents with the ability to make education decisions for their children.
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Dardenne said as governor he would support expansion of school choice opportunities, including the Louisiana Scholarship Program. “I would like to see us gradually increase the number of scholarships that are available for choice, for parents who want to see their child succeed and put them in an environment where success is paramount,” said Dardenne.
Vitter called education Louisiana’s most important challenge and advocated expansion of school choice options. He said, “Supporting and expanding all versions of choice is an important way to fundamentally empower parents and school-based leaders.”
Attendees also heard from Jalen Robinson, a scholarship student at Good Shepherd’s school. She shared her story and how receiving a scholarship through the Louisiana Scholarship Program changed her life.
Jalen Robinson
The event also featured a discussion on Louisiana’s Bipartisan Path to an Education Revolution. It was led by United States Senator Bill Cassidy, with Ann Duplessis, president of the Louisiana Federation for Children and a former Louisiana State Senator; and Kevin P. Chavous, executive counsel of the American Federation for Children and the nation’s leading spokesman on education reform.
“We have conservative business people and parents who may have traditionally voted democratic, coming together and forming a common cause” said Cassidy on education in Louisiana.
“Tonight was a huge success for Louisiana education reform,” said Duplessis. “Leaders like Senators Cassidy and Vitter and Lieutenant Governor Dardenne recognize the importance of speaking to parents about educational choice and finding the best option for their child.”
The Louisiana Federation for Children (LFC), the state’s voice for educational choice, is a project of the American Federation for Children and the the AFC Growth Fund. LFC is dedicated to promoting educational choice by protecting, growing and expanding scholarship programs for low and middle-income children.