LFC Daily News Clips | June 21, 2016

Good Morning

The Louisiana House of Representatives approved a revised state budget on Monday. The Times-Picayune/NOLA.com reports that funding for the Louisiana Scholarship program is “down about $2 million short of what advocates have requested”. The supplemental budget now heads to the Senate where members could introduce legislation to generate more revenue. It’s going down to the wire.

Denisha Merriweather, a former Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program student, interviews former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on school choice, parent empowerment and the politics of education. http://bit.ly/28Je6z3

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Tweet of the Day

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Special Legislative Session

Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: Louisiana House passes budget that includes reductions to TOPS, medical schools http://bit.ly/28KZJ04

The Advocate: ‘Better … but still short’: As clock winds down, new budget plan heads to Louisiana Senate http://bit.ly/28NdwRK

KSLA-TV: La. House passes $70M in revenue bills, supplemental budget plan http://bit.ly/28KKzZN

Leesville Daily Leader: House raise tax take, divies it up http://bit.ly/28KgXM6

Charter Schools

Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: New Orleans special education monitor releases first report http://bit.ly/28JEsRy

Education Reform

The Advocate: Transgender issues, particularly bathrooms, uncharted territory for most Louisiana school administrators http://bit.ly/28JOaSY

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