LFC Daily News Clips | June 7, 2016

Good Morning

With the beginning of the second special legislative session, LFC has released a new television advertisement featuring parents asking legislators to fully fund the Louisiana Scholarship Program. View the commercial here: http://giveparentschoice.org. And please share on social media!

The Manship School News Service reports the 2016 legislative sessions are combining to be the longest in the state’s history. It will have encompassed 19 consecutive weeks, the longest weekly stretch in the legislative branch’s 204-year history. If the second special session continues through its June 23 deadline, the sessions will have spanned three seasons of the year. http://bit.ly/1TXmws5

Enjoy your day. – Paul

Tweet of the Day

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American Federation for Children

AFC Blog: AFC celebrates graduates nationwide http://bit.ly/1UDrib2

Charter Schools

The 74: As Charter Schools Turn 25, Five Ways to Share Their Success With Traditional Schools http://bit.ly/1UDrGqd

The Lens: Application jitters: Dreaming of a place in Lusher’s kindergarten http://bit.ly/1UDqzH0

The American Prospect: Charter and Traditional Public Schools Fight Over Money http://bit.ly/25IT6Ue

Education Reform

The Advocate: Education panels set to vote on Common Core revisions http://bit.ly/22LSuI2

The Advocate: Letters: Seeking court’s guidance is for protection of children in schools http://bit.ly/1XAfR8t

The 74: What Happens When a School Gets a Failing Grade? It Gets Better http://bit.ly/1TTmw71