Recent tragedies and conversations with students

Caroline-Roemer1In the wake of recent tragedies in Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minnesota, Orlando and around the world, educators and parents struggle with the impact these events are having on children. Children don’t live in a vacuum. Even the most protective parent or teacher can’t shield them from all news coverage and social media posts.

Caroline Roemer, executive director of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools, addressed this issue in her latest message to LAPCS membership. With children returning to classrooms in a few weeks, Roemer said school leaders should be ready to have conversations with teachers and students about what has taken place.

“It’s rare that I don’t have words, but the events that have recently taken place in my own backyard of Baton Rouge leave me at a loss for what I could possibly say that sheds any light to a very intense problem,” said Roemer. “I see it as an opportunity for educators to lead in your communities on the very difficult issues of race and conflict.”

“It’s true that education isn’t the sole solution to the issues that we face — we need reform in so many areas, including in the criminal justice system — but a great education can be a significant driver in ensuring that our children have a better, more peaceful future.”

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