LFC Daily News Clips | October 18, 2016

Good Morning

Uptown Messenger and Gambit with coverage of the New Orleans School Board races.

Superintendent John White makes the case in The Daily Beast (with Joel Klein) for dramatic intervention – replacing persistently failing schools.

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Tweet of the Day


American Federation for Children

AFC Blog – Schultz: Breaking the cycle of poverty http://bit.ly/2dYhRov

School Choice

Times Picayune/NOLA.com: Learn more about kindergarten options in New Orleans, Jefferson http://bit.ly/2dosbna

The 74: Research Shows Students Can Benefit When a School Closes — but Only If There Are Better Ones to Attend http://bit.ly/2doC1W6

Education Week: School Closures Work if There are Better Schools for Students to go to, Study Finds http://bit.ly/2dxix4Q

The Daily Beast: The Urgent Moral Case for Replacing Persistently Failing Schools http://thebea.st/2eqTr6y

Charter Schools

The Hechinger Report: Charter backers can stop the NAACP moratorium — by meeting these four demands http://bit.ly/2eec3HU

The 74: As NAACP Votes for Charter Moratorium, School Families Rally Outside http://bit.ly/2e22jDG

The Daily Signal: Backlash Ensues After NAACP Ratifies Charter School Ban http://bit.ly/2dXVcIO

The Washington Post: B The NAACP opposes charter schools. Maybe it should do its homework. http://wapo.st/2eiHe85

Education Reform

Gambit: A crucial school board election in New Orleans http://bit.ly/2eN6NNm

Uptown Messenger: District 6 School Board election pits incumbent against neighborhood activist http://bit.ly/2ee5Ywp

The Advocate: How to revamp Louisiana public school letters grades bubbling controversy http://bit.ly/2edQto9

The Advocate: Free college won’t help kids trapped in troubled schools http://bit.ly/2ehnrkA

The Advocate: Letters: Teachers’ union supports residency program for teachers http://bit.ly/2ep5d07

Louisiana Weekly: Black Lives Matter takes on education disparities http://bit.ly/2eN71Uz

NYMag.com: Laurene Powell Jobs’s $100 Million Mission to Disrupt American High School http://nym.ag/2e4B0bQ