LFC Daily News Clips | October 27, 2016

Good Morning

A new video from Empower Mississippi features charter school families sharing stories of what school choice has meant to them.

U.S. Education Secretary John King joins the chorus of opposition to the NAACP resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools.

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Tweet of the Day


American Federation for Children

National Principal’s Month (Kim Martinez): Honoring the principal of a South Tucson school rich in Hispanic history http://bit.ly/2eU63n0

School Choice

Watchdog.org: Charter school families tell their stories in new video http://bit.ly/2eU6ldi

Charter Schools

LAPCS (press release): Louisiana Charter Schools Conference Announces WNBA Star Lisa Leslie as Keynote Speaker http://bit.ly/2fj4T7j

The Lens: If you saw this meeting agenda, you’d never guess this charter board was going to close a school http://bit.ly/2eV9ZCx

Watchdog.org: Education secretary disagrees with NAACP’s charter school stance http://bit.ly/2eMhyNu

The 74: Charlie Baker Optimistic Voters Will Lift Charter Cap in Massachusetts Despite Rising Opposition http://bit.ly/2dOqwaH

The 74: Heated Oakland School Board Race Captures Growing Conflict Over Charters, Choice, Equity http://bit.ly/2eeAanJ

Education Reform

The Hechinger Report: New Orleans’ uphill battle for more black and homegrown teachers http://bit.ly/2ePUiyb