LFC Daily News Clips | December 6, 2016

Good Morning

Check out my blog on the recent New Orleans Education Forum, held in New Orleans during Bayou Classic weekend.  http://bit.ly/2gvNOE8

Enjoy your day. – Paul

Tweet of the Day


American Federation for Children

New Orleans Education Forum explores the connection between business and education http://bit.ly/2gvNOE8

School Choice

The Denver Post: Trump’s pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, could make reform reality http://dpo.st/2g5LmDC

Washington Examiner: Setting the record straight on Betsy DeVos and charter schools in Michigan http://washex.am/2gYAwku

The Federalist: The Betsy DeVos Nomination Bodes Well For Parents’ Involvement In Education http://bit.ly/2gLSR6E

Watchdog.org: Trump-DeVos voucher program may face legal, political trouble in Colorado http://bit.ly/2h1nlj9

U.S. News & World Report: Trump’s School Choice http://bit.ly/2h2hQD5

Charter Schools

Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: 11 New Orleans charter schools up for review Tuesday http://bit.ly/2gyXDBg

Louisiana Weekly: Uncertainties abound in unification process http://bit.ly/2h2nF3p

WDSU-TV: Xavier University launches teacher residency program http://bit.ly/2gz2N01

The Lens: Twice this fall, police have been called to get a student off the roof at ReNEW’s building in Carrollton http://bit.ly/2h1AGYI

Education Reform

Opportunity Lives: Jeb Bush Urges Education Reformers to Frame Fight in Moral Terms http://bit.ly/2gZ1cSz

The Hechinger Report: Could a plan to improve early education be putting the squeeze on child care centers? http://bit.ly/2h1ACbr

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