Texas Senate Passes Major School Choice Bill

The American Federation for Children (AFC), the nation’s voice for educational choice, praises the Texas State Senate for passing a large private school choice bill.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, National Communications Director for the American Federation for Children:

“Today was a great day for parents and children in the state of Texas. On behalf of families across Texas, AFC would like to thank State Senator Larry Taylor and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for their leadership in shepherding through the State Senate what would be Texas’ first private school choice programs. If Senate Bill 3 reaches the Governor’s desk, tens of thousands of children would be eligible for more freedom and more choice when it comes to their K-12 education. We look forward to seeing Texas join 25 other states and Washington, D.C. whose policymakers have put the needs of parents and students first by expanding educational choice.”

Senate Bill 3 creates a tax credit scholarship program with a $25 million cap, plus an Education Savings Account for students who switch out of their current public schools. Qualifying students must reside in counties with more than 285,000 people and meet the income limit of 175% of the Federal Poverty Level. For reference, students on Free and Reduced Lunch are at or under 185% of the Federal Poverty Level.