Matchbook Learning’s Sajan George will give keynote address at AFC’s Summit

SPGheadshotThe American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, is pleased to announce founder and CEO of Matchbook Learning, Sajan George, will deliver a keynote address at its 8th annual National Policy Summit, Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Sajan George has been at the forefront of revolutionizing and innovating poor performing schools for years, and AFC is pleased to welcome him to this year’s Summit,” said Bill Oberndorf, chairman of the American Federation for Children. “As education reformers, it is important to strive to innovate education so every child in our country can compete in the 21stcentury with the rest of the world. We are excited to hear more about what can be done to achieve that goal.”

“Innovation is the key to creating positive outcomes for children,” added Sajan George. “I look forward to having the opportunity to address the Summit to share my vision of education and what we are doing on the ground to turn around schools to fit the needs of underserved students.”

George leads Matchbook Learning, a national nonprofit charter school turn around management organization, launched in 2011 to turn around our nation’s bottom 5% of schools with a unique, blended learning model. Matchbook has worked to turn around schools in Detroit and Newark. For more information, visit Matchbook Learning’s Facebook and Twitter.

Registration for AFC’s Summit in Indianapolis is still open. Complete step 1 today to secure your registration at the nation’s premier event on school choice Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23. Also, please note the conference room block at the Westin Indianapolis closes on May 5. Make accommodation reservations today. Visit for more information.