LFC Daily News Clips | July 26, 2017

Good Morning

ICYMI: Education reform leaders respond to the attack on families and education reform advocates by AFT President Randi Weingarten. They also address the NAACP’s anti-charter school stance:

“. . . the NAACP doesn’t speak for all black folks and they sure as heck don’t speak for black parents. No one group, no one person has the right to declare itself the education decider or the gate keeper for black parents as they navigate the educational system for their own children.” – American Federation for Children founding board member Kevin P. Chavous

“I’m a strong supporter of the NAACP and I think the NAACP has a right to say whatever they want to say about whatever they want to speak on. But the reality is, the NAACP does not represent all black people in this country. And whatever their views are on charter schools, they have a right to express those views. But what’s clear is thousands and thousands and thousands of black parents have already made it known what they think about charter schools by choosing to go to them.” – Dr. Howard Fuller, distinguished professor of education, and director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University in Milwaukee

Enjoy your day. – Paul


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