LFC Daily News Clips | July 31, 2017

Good Morning

ICYMI – fantastic blog from Alkinee Jackson on how Louisiana grandparents play an important role in advocating for school choice. http://bit.ly/2ve02fW

Have a great week. – Paul


The Advertiser
Why Does Randi Weingarten Think More Freedom Is Racism?

The Advocate
Louisiana seeks proposals for improving schools for deaf, visually impaired, special education students

American Press
Review coming for Louisiana schools for deaf, blind students

The Advocate
It’s Baton Rouge High vs. Ben Franklin in race of best AP test-takers

American Federation for Children

Grandparents for Choice (Alkinee Jackson)

The 74
Raw Numbers: Charter Students Are Graduating From College at Three to Five Times the National Average

The 74
Inside the NAACP’s New Strategy to Shut Down Charter Schools: A 50-State Legislative War

How one group is defying conventional wisdom on parental involvement in Memphis schools

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