LFC Daily News Clips | July 6, 2017

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The Louisiana Federation for Children applauds the passage of Act 377 by the Louisiana State Legislature. Act 377, which replaces the Tuition Donation Rebate (TDR) Program with a nonrefundable tax credit.

“Louisiana’s tax credit scholarship program will provide families with greater access to high-quality private schools by providing incentives for businesses and individuals to get involved in education reform.” – Ann Duplessis, President of the Louisiana Federation for Children

Check out editorials in the The Wall Street Journal and New York Post taking on teachers unions.

WSJ: “What the NEA really objects to is that charters are public schools that prove children written off as uneducable can be taught in the right environment. A telling sign of NEA priorities is that while it was denouncing charters the union said it is still happy to unionize them.”

NYPost: “Teachers unions aren’t, and never have been, about the students. They spend tens of millions a year on lobbying and political work to protect their own power and their members’ jobs and perks. That’s it.”

Enjoy your day. – Paul

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