LFC Daily News Clips | August 14, 2017

Good Morning

Read about the organized attack on school choice underway in Arizona. Teachers union and other special interest groups are supporting efforts to repeal an expansion of education savings accounts. http://bit.ly/2w5KXws

Today, schools reopen in New Orleans following emergency pump repairs.

Have a great week. – Paul


The Times-Picayune
With pump repairs made, public school programs to resume Monday

The Advocate
Conflict of interest or educational opportunity? La. legislators have benefited from $73K-worth of free travel since 2016

The Advocate
Two principals in New Orleans seeking to convert their schools to charters

The Advocate
Ed Pratt: Where is concern, outrage over black Louisiana students’ sub-par ACT scores?

Huffington Post
If State Takeover of New Orleans Schools Worked, ACT Scores Below 16 Wouldn’t be Embarrassing.

The Advocate
Letters: Problems at special schools

American Federation for Children

Kenya Green – My School Choice Story

The Daily Signal
Interest Groups Threaten Arizona Children’s Access to Educational Options

The Denver Post
Stop conflating school vouchers with charter schools

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