LFC Daily News Clips | September 27, 2017

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There’s groundbreaking new research out this morning from the Urban Institute that shows very good results on long-term outcomes for students who utilized the largest private school choice program in the country. Full report here: http://urbn.is/2k1pJvh

Here is a great write-up of the report from Step Up for Students: http://bit.ly/2hA7VCO and U.S. News and World Report: http://bit.ly/2k2THPF

This is the first study that has measured the long-term education outcomes for students in a private school choice program at the statewide level. The program that Dr. Matt Chingos of the Urban Institute studied is the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC).

The results are clear: The Florida program significantly increases college matriculation, especially when students were enrolled in the FTC for a longer period of time. 

On average, the FTC increases college enrollment by 15 percent compared to public school students who did not receive a scholarship.

  • If a student stays in a private school via the FTC for four years or more, college enrollment increases by 37-43 percent (!) compared to public school students.

If students received a scholarship from the FTC in grades 3-7, and stayed in the program for four years or more, they saw modest improvements in associate degree attainment rates.

  • “Enrollment effects are concentrated at two-year colleges, but for students who entered FTC in elementary or middle school, there is a positive impact on four-year college enrollment of 0.9 percentage points (15 percent) after three years of participation and 1.5 percentage points (25 percent) after four or more years.” (p.20)

And this data only looked at Florida public college enrollment rates – it did not examine out-of-state college or private college enrollment due to lack of available data. Dr. Chingos asserts (p. 11) that other national data suggests then that these enrollment rates could be conservative. 

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