LFC Daily News Clips | December 11, 2017

Good Morning

A video has gone viral showing Tennessee youngster tearfully describing how he has been bullied at school. The student’s plight reminded me of a story right here in Louisiana. Willie August, who after being bullied in his Baton Rouge public school, found a safe space at a school participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Watch Willie’s story:



The Advocate
Here’s what changes could come under new rules for Louisiana students earning college credit in high school


The Washington Post
Public dollars for private school tuition? That’s what two in Congress want for every D.C. family.

Mother Jones
The Republican Tax Plan Is an Early Christmas Gift for Betsy DeVos
Her education agenda is about to get an unexpected boost from Congress.

Union Leader
The sky isn’t falling: Choice won’t kill public schools

City Journal
Stop Blaming Charters
Research shows that they don’t hurt traditional public schools’ performance, and may help improve it.

The 74
This Week’s ESSA News: DeVos Lauds ESSA Flexibility, but Critics Say There Might Be a Bit Too Much Wiggle Room

The 74
Who Owns Civil Rights?
Two Wildly Different Visions of Schools, Choice, and Student Rights Collide One Night at a Minnesota University

The 74
Teachers Urge DeVos Not to Scrap School Discipline Rules, as Civil Rights Commission Holds Hearing on Bias Against Disabled Students of Color

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