LFC Daily News Clips | December 6, 2017

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A common application system comes to Baton Rouge as the Baton Rouge Achievement Zone (BRAZ) launches a common application process for 14 area schools to ensure all children have fair access to an excellent education. The process, called Enroll Baton Rouge (EnrollBR), aims to empower families with school choice by providing them information about BRAZ schools and streamlining the school enrollment process through the ease of one centralized application system, rather than separate applications for each school.

View the Louisiana Department of Education’s press release, including the list of participating schools: http://conta.cc/2nAn9Oq

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Nevada Latino families share why ESAs will help their children be successful in the future (Valeria Gurr)


The Atlantic
The Charter-School Crusader
The combative Eva Moskowitz has created the nation’s most impressive school system—and made lots of enemies in the process.

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State Report Cards Information Difficult to Find, Confusing to Use, Data Advocacy Group Says

The Denver Post
Dougco kills school vouchers, but the movement lives on, proponents say
The Douglas County School Board voted unanimously to end its voucher program

Education Week
Global Reading Scores Are Rising, But Not for U.S. Students

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