Webinar: Parenting While Quarantined, Supporting parents during COVID-19

During the coronavirus crisis parents are taking a more predominant role in supporting their child’s education. We will share resources to assist parents as they remain at home with their children while schools, daycare centers and summer camps remain closed.

Guest Panelists: 

Traig Varnado, Family Therapist
Traig Varnado is a family therapist and licensed clinical social worker, has more than 20 years of experience working with children and adolescents. He also provides services to adults experiencing difficulties with depression and/or anxiety.

Brittany Walker Sykes, Program Coordinator, Urban League of Louisiana Parent Information Center
Brittany Walker Sykes has served within the education, higher education, and nonprofit sectors as an advocate for students and families for over a decade. In her current role, Brittany coordinates Urban League’s parent engagement efforts and education advocacy initiatives in the Baton Rouge region.

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