School Choice Champion Michael Melerine Wins Louisiana BESE District 4 Seat

The Louisiana Federation for Children congratulates Michael Melerine who was elected to the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to represent District 4.

Statement from Kelli Bottger, Regional Government Affairs Director, Louisiana Federation for Children:

“The Louisiana Federation for Children congratulates Michael Melerine on his victory in the BESE District 4 special election. We share Melerine’s belief that school choice options enable families to choose the best educational environment for their children and we look forward to working with him to advance and support bold education reforms and other school choice initiatives.”


Louisiana Federation for Children is a project of the American Federation for Children. We are dedicated to promoting, protecting, and expanding private school choice and opportunity scholarship programs.

LFC supports a wide range of educational choice initiatives, so that high quality public, charter and private schools flourish and parents will have the opportunity to select the quality school that works best for their children, and so that teachers will have the flexibility to select the school that best utilizes their strengths and interests. LFC also fights against bills and regulatory attacks that would create barriers for families in existing school choice programs.