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  • Telling Our Story

    “We believe through effective communications we can help people drive the change themselves.”
  • Grandparents for Choice

    Engaged grandparents help protect school choice in our Louisiana.
  • Fashion & School Choice

    The AFC “Freedom” Teen Line is featured at FINO Fashion Show.
  • Parents Approve!

    Annual parental choice survey finds an overwhelming majority of parents approve of the Louisiana Scholarship Program.
  • Private School Choice Day

    Students and families from across Louisiana gathered at the State Capitol to celebrate the first ever Private School Choice Day.
  • Success Stories

    Louisiana families choose schools that best fit the needs of their children.

We are dedicated to improving K-12 education by advancing systemic and sustainable public policy that empowers parents, particularly those in low-income families, to choose the education they determine is best for their children.

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“They’re more confident in their social, academic and cognitive skills. Even in the way they are taught – their math, their reading, just everything!”