Louisiana is one of the nation’s leaders in educational choice, with the strongest and most transparent academic and financial accountability measures.

Louisiana’s School Choice Options

  • The Louisiana Scholarship Program is designed to provide students with additional opportunities to attend the school of their choice. Student applicants are eligible to receive state-funded Scholarships to enroll in participating nonpublic schools or high-performing public schools.

    To be eligible to receive a Scholarship award, new students must be a resident of Louisiana, be entering Kindergarten or have attended a Louisiana public school with a C, D, or F letter grade the previous year, and have a total family household income that does not exceed 250% of the federal poverty guideline. Scholarship awards cover all tuition and mandatory school fees. Students participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program are granted admission through a lottery process and are required to take all state assessments.

    Louisiana Scholarship Program Parental Satisfaction Survey

    93 percent of parents participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program say they are very satisfied or satisfied with their child’s school.

    • 92.8% of parents are very satisfied or satisfied with their child’s current scholarship school.
    • 90.5% of parents are happy with their child’s academic progress at his/her scholarship school.
    • 88.1% of parents believe their child’s academic performance has improved since enrolling at his/her scholarship school (73.5% strongly agree, 14.6% somewhat agree).
    • 95.9% of parents say their child feels safe in his/her scholarship school.
    • 94.4% of parents say they and their children feel welcome at their child’s current scholarship school.
    • Instruction child received during 2021-2022 school year:
      • 66.9% – In-person Instruction Only
      • 31.4% – Mix of In-person and Online Instruction
      • 0.3% – Online Instruction Only

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