The Louisiana Federation for Children is a project of the American Federation for Children, dedicated to promoting educational choice by protecting, growing, and expanding scholarship programs for low and middle-income children.


  • Ronald Briggs has spent most of the last 35 years in service to others, primarily through numerous church and non-profit endeavors, with the cornerstone being The Good Shepherd Nativity Mission School in New Orleans.

    His role as a board member of The Good Shepherd Nativity Mission School, Inc. began in February 2000. His term ended 20 years later, and he now serves as “Good Shepherd School Board Chairman Emeritus”.

    Years before Louisiana’s post-Hurricane Katrina education reform movement and the establishment of the Louisiana Scholarship Program, rides through New Orleans’ public housing developments convinced Briggs that at-risk and underserved children were trapped. He believed their path to success was through education.

    In 2008, Briggs joined a coalition of organizations to pass legislation that created the Student Scholarships for Education Excellence Program (now the Louisiana Scholarship Program) in New Orleans. From this beginning he has worked closely with the American Federation of Children to expand educational options for low-income families throughout Louisiana. Since January 2019, Briggs has served as chairman of Louisiana Federation of Children.

    Louisiana’s private school choice programs allow families to choose the best K-12 education for their children. The Louisiana Scholarship Program now serves more than 6,000 students and the Tuition Donation Credit Program has over 2,000 participants. 

    Briggs was born and raised in Houston and has lived in Louisiana since 1984. He has been married to Gwen Briggs for 46 years. They have two children, Nathaniel and Chelsea Briggs.

    He currently manages personal investments and has served on the Crescent Bank & Trust (New Orleans) board of directors since its founding in 1991.

Education Organizations in Louisiana

The Louisiana Federation for Children is pleased to work with the following organizations that promote education reform: