My son is once again excited about going to school


Kirk and Geno WhiteFor New Orleans residents Kirk and Tanya White, the low point came when their son Geno was robbed of his cell phone after he got off the bus. 

“He didn’t want to get on that bus anymore,” said White about his son’s reluctance to go to school. “He’s a tough kid,” White added. “But when it comes down to that type of lifestyle, that really bothered him. He didn’t want to get in conflict.”

The White family’s challenges were compounded as Kirk was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). He knew they could not afford to send Geno to a private school.

Thanks to the Louisiana Scholarship Program, Geno is in the 10th grade at Lutheran High School in Metairie. He is excited about school, making good grades and playing on the basketball team. His younger brother Kole, a fifth grader, also received a scholarship and attends St. Benedict the Moor School in New Orleans.

“The proof is in the pudding,” said White. “They’re excelling in all areas.”



“The proof is in the pudding. They’re excelling in all areas.”