School Choice, A Family Choice: The Smith Family

Today, LFC launches its “School Choice, A Family Choice” series. During the celebration of National School Choice Week, we will share stories of how Louisiana’s families utilize the state’s education options, including public charter schools, traditional public schools, scholarship schools, online schools, and homeschooling.

Smith FamilyIt was a school choice that started on the basketball court.

Angela Smith and Carlos Butler’s son Thailand wanted to play basketball at Madison Preparatory Academy in Baton Rouge. His parents wanted a school that would provide a nurturing hands-on academic environment.

Now a senior at the National Blue Ribbon charter school, Thailand is enjoying the best of both worlds. Angela is especially grateful for the support provided by Madison Prep’s faculty and staff, especially when for a time her job required extended periods of travel outside of Louisiana.

“If I didn’t have the opportunity to choose for him to go to Madison Prep, I would have faced challenges with Thailand needing additional instruction, that one-on-one support,” said Angela.

“They take time with him after school, before school, before basketball practice. They work together, the teachers and coaches, everybody gets involved.”

Angela said school choice gives power to parents. “The parent is an essential key to that child being placed in a school that meets their needs versus being told where to go.”

Listen to Angela Smith talk about Madison Preparatory Academy: