Gloria Romar

It’s important for our kids to get a good Christian education. When I was younger, my daughter went to Westminster Christian Academy, and I felt that school was so much better than the public schools because she got a better education.

I wanted my great grandkids to get a good Christian education also and that’s why I applied for a scholarship at Family Worship Christian Academy. The teachers here care more for the children. They teach the children educational stuff and to me it’s much better. The curriculum is so much better when children are learning, and they come home quoting scriptures. Now that’s really important to me, for my kids to grow up knowing the word of God.  You can have everything, but if you don’t have the word of God, it’s not as good as when you have the word.

I have twins in first grade this year. The first day they went to school they came back quoting scripture. That impressed me so much to see these kids quoting scripture.

If it wasn’t for the scholarship program, we wouldn’t be able to send them to Family Worship Christian Academy because I have six children and six great grandkids over here. The Louisiana Scholarship Program is really important because it helps us to be able to afford to send them here without having to go into our pocket to pay for it.