Heather Carmouche

I have a daughter in first grade. Last year we didn’t get the scholarship, so she ended up in public school and it was a big difference. When she’d come home, she just wasn’t as lively as she normally is. I had to send her to school with an extra pair of clothes all the time because I found out later that they didn’t let her go to the bathroom when she needed to. And that was part of the reason she was always upset.

Now she is here at Family Worship Christian Academy through the Louisiana Scholarship Program. This year the teachers really listened to her. She loved it and she’s always happy. It was like a total 180. She just went back to the happy child that I know that she is.

In public school she was getting bullied. Here she has friends, and she is always smiling.

What would I tell parents about the Louisiana Scholarship Program? I would say apply. The worst that can happen is you wouldn’t get the scholarship, but your child’s happiness is worth the try.