LFC Daily News Clips | April 20, 2017

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The momentum of New Orleans becoming an all-charter school district was slowed as the Exceed charter group withdrew its application to take over the final five district-run schools. Reporting from NOLA.com: http://bit.ly/2o7eraj

A U.S. Supreme Court case about whether Missouri could bar a church from a playground resurfacing program merely because it’s a church could have ramifications for school choice and the Blaine Amendment. The Wall Street Journal reports on Wednesday’s oral arguments, including comments from Justice Elena Kagan:

“There’s a constitutional principle. It’s as strong as any constitutional principle that there is,” Justice Kagan continued, “that when we have a program of funding—and here we’re funding playground surfaces—that everybody is entitled” to that funding “whether or not they are a religious institution doing religious things.”

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The Times-Picayune/NOLA.com
New Orleans’ final direct-run schools won’t all be charters — for now

The Lens
ExCEED withdraws applications to charter remaining traditional schools in New Orleans

American Federation for Children

AFC Blog: (Nicole Jackson) 5 Really Cool Things You Can See and Do at Our New Website

The Wall Street Journal
A Blow to Blaine Amendments

The Washington Post
Supreme Court case could pave the way for vouchers for Christian schools — or do just the opposite

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