LFC Daily News Clips | July 10, 2017

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A new Wall Street Journal op-ed highlights “optimistic findings” from the latest study on the Louisiana and Indiana voucher programs.

“These new studies should give a boost to those who believe accountability comes from parents who know better than a distant education bureaucracy what schools best work for their children.”

Check out the FutureEd interview with Louisiana education superintendent John White on the school choice — including the role of the federal government, accountability and the hypocrisy from opponents.

“If you have a good school, they’re willing to serve all kids, they’re showing that they’re effective on the same tests as every other school is taking. What is your problem, at that point, with letting that family make the choice? That’s a particular brand of hypocrisy, given how many leaders on the left who advocate this position, have themselves or have had family members who are the beneficiaries of a private education.”

CBS and NBC news stories on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ prioritizing of school choice and charter schools:

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Cristo Rey returning to Redemptorist site, plans to build new school on north Baton Rouge property

The Advocate
Charter school’s refusal to admit students lacking uniforms wasn’t its first violation

American Press
Early childhood education needs more funding

The Wall Street Journal
New Evidence on School Vouchers

The Atlantic
Why the Long Arc of School-Choice Research May Bend Toward Vouchers | A new study from Louisiana shows test-score improvement among voucher recipients.

Los Angeles Times
Opinion Take it from a New Orleans charter school teacher: Parents don’t always get school choice right

Managing School Choice…and the Hypocrisy Around It

NBC News
Schools of Thought: The War Over Public Education and Charter Schools

CBS News
School choice at the top of Betsy DeVos’ agenda

The 74
Antonucci: NEA’s New Charter Schools Policy Isn’t New, Just Matches Union’s Long-Held Action Plan

Education Week
Charter Schools That Charge Illegal Fees. How Pervasive Is the Problem?

Education Week
Sharing Property Taxes With Charter Schools Stirs Fight

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