LFC Daily Clips | December 9, 2015

Good Morning

Governor-elect Edwards has named a 53-member transition committee to study K-12 issues. The story: http://bit.ly/1OT3q0e Panel members: http://bit.ly/1NEQiwI

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute has once again ranked New Orleans as America’s Best City for School Choice. http://bit.ly/1Qf1oe4

Enjoy your day. – Paul

Tweet of the Day

School Choice

Thomas B. Fordham Institute: America’s Best (and Worst) Cities for School Choice http://bit.ly/1Nbrye4

Charter Schools

The Lens: Ben Franklin High School’s board to begin contract negotiations with new CEO http://bit.ly/1Y1VAUx

Lifezette.com: The Schools that Defy Politics http://bit.ly/1XVYXS5

Education Reform

The Advocate: Edwards names 53-member panel to study K-12 issues http://bit.ly/1OT3q0e

The Advertiser: Edwards seats K-12 committee; is your teacher on list? http://bit.ly/1XVVRNV

The Advocate: Lafayette schools get grant to help train special education students for jobs http://bit.ly/1R9NUAC

The Advocate: New school in Youngsville likely to be named Caneview or Cypress High http://bit.ly/1NboNcJ

The Advertiser: Citizen committee votes on Youngsville school name http://bit.ly/1R8EDsm

Education Week: NCLB isn’t going anywhere http://bit.ly/1HUFNFf