New Orleans: No.1 in School Choice

New Orleans is ranked as the best city in America for school choice. That’s the conclusion of “America’s Best (And Worst) Cities for School Choice”. The report by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute showed which thirty U.S. cities are the best and worst for school choice.

The report’s definition of school choice included a wide range of public and private options, including charter, magnet, and private schools, as well as mechanisms for accessing these options, including open enrollment, vouchers, and tax credit scholarships.

The authors combined more than one hundred data points into nearly fifty indicators of choice friendliness, and assessed each city’s choice atmosphere relative to political support, policy environment and quantity and quality of choice options.

New Orleans led the list for best cities, followed by Washington, D.C., Denver, and Indianapolis. View the full report here.

“Our hope is that cities across the country will look at these rankings and work to catch up with New Orleans, Washington, and Denver.” – America’s Best (And Worst) Cities for School Choice