Louisiana parents: “Governor Edwards, protect educational choice”

With the swearing in of John Bel Edwards this week as Louisiana’s new governor, the attention of parents with children in the Louisiana Scholarship Program are focused squarely on Baton Rouge. They will be watching to see what the Edwards administration and state legislature’s attitude is toward educational choice options.

Parents like Corinne Celestine, whose daughter Corissa attends St. Mary’s Academy in New Orleans, are demanding the new governor continue to support the program which has made such a difference for their families.

“The scholarship program has been a tremendous help, making it possible for my baby to have the type of education she’s receiving at St. Mary’s. It’s priceless,” said Celestine. “Going backwards is not an option.”

“In his inaugural address Governor Edwards talked about Louisiana’s shared mission of putting Louisiana first,” said Ann Duplessis, president of the Louisiana Federation for Children.

“Louisiana’s parents are counting on the new governor and the state legislature to continue to support and strengthen the program that allows more than 7,100 children to escape failing and underperforming schools,” Duplessis added.