LFC Daily News Clips | February 29, 2016

Good Morning

We’re keeping a close eye on the special legislative session, especially any action that could negatively impact the Louisiana Scholarship Program. LFC president Ann Duplessis is quoted in today’s article in The Advocate on threats to the program. http://bit.ly/1KXGm2s.

Also today, Ann Duplessis, has a new column on Medium.

Today is leap day. Here’s all you need to know about Feb. 29: http://bit.ly/1oJ0OcZ.

Have a great week. – Paul

Tweet of the Day

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American Federation for Children

AFC Blog: Reveille for Educational Choice Supporters http://bit.ly/1VMSHqC

School Choice

Medium: Closing the achievement gap for at-risk students — Louisiana Scholarship Program http://bit.ly/1pkBRFs

The Advocate: Vouchers suddenly under the microscope; program’s future is unclear http://bit.ly/1KXGm2s

lalegeeducation.com: Cameron Henry Is Going After LDOE…Again http://bit.ly/1Lq0MBg

Brookings.edu: Overregulation Theory isn’t enough to explain negative voucher effects http://brook.gs/1RfcL13

Charter Schools

The Advocate: Charter-friendly New Orleans schools administration leads some schools back to local governance http://bit.ly/21DlVfa

Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: 7 more schools stay in Recovery system; 2 left to vote http://bit.ly/1VMLFSZ

The Lens: Charter schools under Algiers and Choice boards to remain with recovery district http://bit.ly/1oJ4ZFO

Watchdog.org: The status quo vs. school choice in Louisiana courts http://bit.ly/1RfdgbF

Uptown Messenger: Lusher votes to authorize legal action against new school funding formula http://bit.ly/1T447bN

Education Reform

The Advocate: Gov. John Bel Edwards blasts Bobby Jindal, calling him “the most irresponsible governor who has ever governed Louisiana” http://bit.ly/1QQ8kzA

The Advocate: After years of consideration, School Board to debate $17 million career-themed high school http://bit.ly/1QQ8xms

The Advocate: Soon-to-depart St. Augustine High leader confident school’s progress will continue http://bit.ly/1QfSlYe