LFC Daily News Clips | July 12, 2016

Good Morning

Are you going to Cleveland or Philadelphia for the RNC or DNC conventions?

·       A week from today, AFC is hosting an RNC reception: Creating Hope and Opportunity, featuring a conversation between AFC board member and The 74 co-founder, Campbell Brown and Gov. Scott Walker.

·       The following week, AFC is cohosting a reception with by the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. in Philadelphia at the DNC National Convention, featuring Jalen Rose and Lisa Leslie.

If you’re in town for either convention – email me for details.

Have a great day! – Paul

Tweet of the Day

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School Choice

Indy Star: Research shows that parents are happy with school vouchers http://indy.st/29vi8Lo

Watchdog.org: Over-regulation threatens school choice in Colorado http://bit.ly/29tqxDH

redefinED: Plaintiffs want Florida education lawsuit fast-tracked to Supreme Court http://bit.ly/29yldd1

Independent Institute: Even When School Choice Works, Critics Call it a Failure http://bit.ly/29Cjg46

WRAL: GOP maps major expansion of NC school voucher program http://bit.ly/29ALmJ4

redefinED: What to make of another negative result for school vouchers http://bit.ly/2a5tNln

News One: Ohio Public School Students Outscore Private School Voucher Students http://bit.ly/29Esn4g

Charter Schools

Watchdog.org: Bilingual charter fills a gap for students from closed school http://bit.ly/29uGcyD

Education Week: Virtual Charter School Operator Reaches Settlement with Calif. Attorney General http://bit.ly/29tqRlO

Education Reform

Daily World: Local failing school to get vice principal, superintendent discussion delayed http://bit.ly/29FKdTx

The Advocate: Louisiana Federation of Teachers has interim president http://bit.ly/29AGfZA

The 74: In Detroit, Parent-Activists Are Going House to House To Ensure Every Child Gets Enrolled in School http://bit.ly/29BiMZB

The 74: Jersey Roar: Schools Make A Comeback in Camden, the Nation’s Most Distressed City http://bit.ly/29xuzJg

Education Week: Is School Reform Really Driving Teachers Out of the Profession? http://bit.ly/29CfRSL