LFC Daily News Clips | July 14, 2016

Good Morning

ICYMI: Op-ed from Dr. Phillip Rozeman, Chairman of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, in the Shreveport Times on what the legislature got right in terms of education. http://bit.ly/29xJk0r

Have a fantastic day! – Paul

Tweet of the Day

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School Choice

Watchdog.org: Sparking an education savings account debate in Wisconsin http://bit.ly/29R5N9N

Charter Schools

WDSU-TV: Unification Advisory Committee to host second public meeting Thursday http://bit.ly/29UREFu

AJC.com: Some charter schools do better than others, and this may be why http://on-ajc.com/29AoWwV

Washington Examiner: Study highlights what works in public charter schools http://washex.am/29EWxmN

Commercial Appeal: SCS report praises charters for student behavior, retention http://bit.ly/29z6mQK

Philly.com: Pa. lawmakers shelve charter cap plan, try to wrap up budget http://bit.ly/2a9Xr9v

Education Reform

The Advocate: Special ed students put in seclusion/restraint over 1,100 times, report says http://bit.ly/2aaSbSK

Shreveport Times: Education: What the Legislature got right http://bit.ly/29xJk0r

Shreveport Times: State’s graduation trend reflects locally http://bit.ly/29QNQ9O