LFC Daily News Clips | October 31, 2016

Good Morning

We close out National Principal’s Month with a profile of Good Shepherd president/principal Thomas Moran, Jr. Story: http://bit.ly/2f0r1Tp  Video: https://youtu.be/wPbwCj-qdqY

Have a fun and safe Halloween – and a great week! – Paul

Tweet of the Day


American Federation for Children

National Principal’s Month: Good Shepherd School’s Thomas Moran – a guiding light in New Orleans http://bit.ly/2f0r1Tp

AFC Blog (Tommy Schultz): Another Troubling Statistic http://bit.ly/2f0wOZt

New Democratic Memo Confirms School Choice Support Strong with African American Community in Wisconsin http://bit.ly/2f4T0PB

School Choice

One News Now: More kids graduate when given a choice http://bit.ly/2f01sCe

Charter Schools

The 74: A New Twist in MA Charter Fight – Unions Disparage Parents on Wait Lists http://bit.ly/2e4vEaD

Education Reform

The Advertiser: How close is Lafayette to being an ‘A’ district? http://bit.ly/2f4rylv

The Advertiser: Work continues to address greatest needs in ’emerging schools’ http://bit.ly/2f9km5N

The Advocate: Louisiana public schools under microscope as public meetings eye revamp http://bit.ly/2eM6Ubm

The Advocate: Letters: New program needs to be done right way http://bit.ly/2eTI3Qy