LFC Daily News Clips | November 14, 2016

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During a joint meeting of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents and the Louisiana Association of School Executives on Monday, Gov. Edwards questioned the value of public school letter grades and criticized how teachers are evaluated.

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American Federation for Children

AFC Post-election memo “2016 Election Marks Historic Wins for Educational Choice” http://bit.ly/2fVaQFw

24 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 14 http://bit.ly/2eBjfjD

24 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 13 http://bit.ly/2ftTGQT

School Choice

Opportunity Lives: School Choice Looks Sunnier Under Trump Presidency and GOP Congress http://bit.ly/2fVdSK2

The 74: An Overlooked Election Surprise: Three New House Democrats Who Back School Choice https://t.co/12a6nsvMhm

Forbes: Teachers Unions, Faulty Economics, And School Choice http://bit.ly/2ftUC7U

National Review: What Is the Future for School Choice? http://bit.ly/2eWicWO

Watchdog.org: Election Day brings another big win for Wisconsin’s school choice movement http://bit.ly/2f0mOOV

Charter Schools

Gambit: Da Winnas & Da Loozas, fall 2016 edition http://bit.ly/2eBnI5J

Education Reform

The Advocate: Governor says he’s seen unfair public school letter grades; teacher reviews also questioned http://bit.ly/2eBhcvO

The Advocate: Letters: Teacher group helps after flood http://bit.ly/2f0vdlz

The Advertiser: How Lafayette Parish is working with lowest-rated schools http://bit.ly/2fzeHXV

Shreveport Times: Watchdog: Local schools working to turn the tide of suspensions, expulsions http://bit.ly/1SHbBkt

Shreveport Times: Caddo School Board to evaluate Goree’s performance http://bit.ly/2ftS3Tg

The News Star: No censure for Shelling on board agenda http://tnsne.ws/2eWhGI9

The Advocate: What Trump’s win likely means for Louisiana public schools and what’s still unknown http://bit.ly/2fV9nyQ

The Advocate: East Baton Rouge schools’ financial cushion takes big hit after costly flood repairs, audit shows http://bit.ly/2fBLjAh

Daily World: Meet Patrick Jenkins, St. Landry’s new superintendent http://bit.ly/2fcszqo

Daily Signal: 3 Ways the Trump Administration Can Improve Education http://bit.ly/2fqEDHy