LFC Daily News Clips | January 26, 2017

Good Morning

Today’s National School Choice Week activities move to New Orleans. We are hosting a community leader’s breakfast this morning, followed by a tour and school celebration at St. Mary’s Academy.

Today’s installment of “School Choice, A Family Choice” series features the Rodriguez family. Jenifer Rodriguez is thankful for the flexibility school choice affords her in educating her children.

Photos from School Choice Week events in Baton Rouge: http://bit.ly/2kvkELk

Have a great day! – Paul

Tweet of the Day

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Louisiana Federation for Children

School Choice, A Family Choice: The Rodriguez Family http://bit.ly/2k61J8U

Baton Rouge Celebrates National School Choice Week http://bit.ly/2kvkELk

School Choice

The New Orleans Advocate: Louisiana Scholarship Program accepts applications from students at failing schools http://bit.ly/2klS77g

Education Week: School Choice Week Offers Republicans Chance to Rally Support for DeVos http://bit.ly/2jTIyg1

The Daily Signal: Lawmaker Channels Trump’s ‘Power to the People’ Message to Reform Education http://bit.ly/2kuPvTS

U.S. News & World Report: Obama’s Accidental Parting Gift to School Choice http://bit.ly/2k5sPwX

The Washington Times: D.C.’s school choice success http://bit.ly/2jTNKRm

The 74: Dozens of Indianapolis Schools, One Application: Nonprofit Aims for Easier, More Equitable Enrollment http://bit.ly/2jhawR4

The Chicago Crusader: Chicago plans to launch a single application for all public high schools http://bit.ly/2jhn2Qr

Watchdog.org: Mississippi celebrates School Choice Week at the Capitol http://bit.ly/2jrw54A

The 74: Parents at Work: Has EdNavigator Fixed School Engagement by Making It a Job Benefit? http://bit.ly/2jZF6CP

Charter Schools

Education Week: Board could create more charters, despite funding questions http://bit.ly/2jhbfll

Louisiana Record: State school superintendent says ruling on charter schools won’t have immediate impact; appeal planned http://bit.ly/2k5TrOD

Education Reform

The Advocate: Report questions value of how Louisiana teachers are evaluated http://bit.ly/2k5MMUl

The New Orleans Advocate: Mike Yenni to name task force focused on education improvement in Jefferson Parish http://bit.ly/2kveRoQ

The Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: Ira Thomas’ money launderer gets probation in bribery case http://bit.ly/2k5VPVD