LFC Daily News Clips | January 9, 2017

Good Morning

In case you missed it: LFC president Ann Duplessis’ letter to the editor supporting the nomination of Betsy DeVos as education secretary appeared in The Advocate.

A Politico Magazine article, written by The New Orleans Advocate reporter Andrew Vanacore, discusses the New Orleans charter school “revolution” and what it portends for a Betsy DeVos-led Department of Education. http://politi.co/2iUZMvg

Also, The 74 looks at what the media may have gotten wrong about Betsy DeVos and Detroit’s schools.

DeVos’ confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 11 at 9 a.m. Click here and save this link if you want to watch live.

Have a great week! – Paul

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School Choice

Politico Magazine: What New Orleans Can Teach Betsy DeVos About Charter Schools http://politi.co/2iUZMvg

The Advocate: Letters: DeVos should be confirmed for education post http://bit.ly/2hXvp8d

EducationNext: Betsy DeVos, the (Relatively Mainstream) Reformer http://bit.ly/2i8YDft

The 74: Attention, Senators: The Questions 14 Education Experts Would Put to Betsy DeVos Wednesday http://bit.ly/2iUvOWb

Education Week: Homeschooling Group Urges Senators to Confirm Betsy DeVos as Ed. Secretary http://bit.ly/2i1LwQC

The Hechinger Report: Ahead of Betsy Devos’s confirmation hearings, some thoughts on why the face of school choice belongs to parents, not politicians http://bit.ly/2ivIZfi

Univision: Why Latinos should support Betsy DeVos nomination http://bit.ly/2i0eUXr

Red State: Sheldon Whitehouse’s Curious, Hypocritical Attacks On Betsy DeVos http://bit.ly/2i0hrkl

The 74: Analysis: What the Media Have Gotten Wrong About Betsy DeVos and Detroit’s Schools http://bit.ly/2i5Y2jz

Opportunity Lives: To Counter Obamacare Repeal Pushback, Republicans Should Pass School Choice http://bit.ly/2iZL6vq

Charter Schools

The Times-Picayune/NOLA.com: International School to close Metairie campus: report http://bit.ly/2jungbR

The New Orleans Advocate: ISL to shutter Jefferson Parish campus; students, parents face uncertain future http://bit.ly/2i5TKsm

Mid-City Messenger: International School Board of Directors votes to shutter Jefferson Parish campus http://bit.ly/2hZuq7m

Education Reform

HoumaToday.com: Our opinion: Our schools are getting better, slowly but surely http://bit.ly/2jkN3ig

The Advocate: East Baton Rouge School Board set to choose new president, appoint replacement for Freiberg http://bit.ly/2jkNAAR

The New Orleans Advocate: New Orleans education lands $1M in grants from Rex Organization’s foundation http://bit.ly/2iZsqvK

The 74: Romy Drucker: Campbell Brown, The 74 and Why Education Should Be Front-Page News Every Day http://bit.ly/2jkVlXA

The 74: Campbell Brown: A Note About My Role at The 74 http://bit.ly/2i5VfXK

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