LFC Daily News Clips | March 24, 2017

Good Morning

Check out this video out of Indiana – Indy Star produced a touching video about a family’s decision to use an Indiana voucher that shows the real-world impact of school choice: http://indy.st/2nZ4Kr5

Have a great weekend! – Paul


The Advocate
John White accuses teacher unions, others of slowing push for better schools

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.52.59 AM

KIPP v. UFT: Charter Network Sues Union, Arguing It Doesn’t Represent School’s Teachers

(Texas) School choice proponents hope for a ‘grand bargain’

U.S. News & World Report
Trump School Choice Proposals Drive Wedge Between Charter School Advocates

Eva Moskowitz talks about Betsy DeVos, vouchers, discipline — and how the ‘tide is turning’ for charter schools

African American Leaders Unhappy with K-12 Education System; Eager to Make Changes

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