Louisiana voters support pro-school choice candidates in House races

The Louisiana Federation for Children Action Fund congratulates its endorsed candidates, John Stefanski and Raymond Crews, who were victorious outright or qualified for run-off in Louisiana House of Representatives special election races.

The Louisiana Federation for Children Action Fund conducted independent expenditures on behalf of both candidates.

“Tonight’s results reveal that voters continue to favor candidates that support educational choice,” said Ann Duplessis, President of Louisiana Federation for Children. “John and Raymond believe that it is a fundamental right for parents to be able to choose the best school for their children. That is critically important to Louisiana voters. We will continue to stand alongside elected officials, Democratic or Republican, who support parents and protect our school choice programs that serve the state’s most disadvantaged children.”

The Louisiana Federation for Children (LFC), the state’s voice for educational choice, seeks to improve Louisiana’s K-12 education by advancing systemic and sustainable public policy that empowers parents, particularly those in low-income families, to choose the education they determine is best for their children.

LFC supports a wide range of educational choice initiatives, so that high quality public, charter and private schools flourish and parents will have the opportunity to select the quality school that works best for their children, and so that teachers will have the flexibility to select the school that best utilizes their strengths and interests. LFC also fights against bills and regulatory attacks that would create barriers for families in existing school choice programs.

LFC Action Fund election highlights, Louisiana House of Representative races:

  • 42nd House District: John Stefanski, elected
  • 8th House District: Raymond Crews, in April 29 run-off


Ann Duplessis is a former state legislator where she served on the Senate Education Committee and fought successfully to expand educational options for Louisiana’s children by authoring and supporting numerous pieces of school choice legislation. Duplessis resides in New Orleans and remains active in numerous civic activities.