Brian Ridgley

Educational Choice Option: Louisiana Scholarship Program

Brian RidgelyWhen Cheryl Breaux returned to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, she faced the prospect of finding a school for her son Brian. She was apprehensive about sending him to a public school, concerned about the quality of the education he would receive and if she could find a safe learning environment.

A friend told Breaux about the opportunity to enroll Brian in a private school through the Louisiana Scholarship Program. He received a scholarship to attend Good Shepherd School in New Orleans. Good Shepherd’s mission is to help low-income, urban youth realize their fullest potential.

Brian, who enrolled at Good Shepherd in kindergarten, was the first of Breaux’s three children to attend a private school. “The education was totally different. The atmosphere inside the school was totally different. It was much more accepting and you had to participate in your child’s education,” said Breaux.

Breaux said Good Shepherd’s parents are encouraged to have active participation in their children’s education.

“At public schools they’re not interested in you coming to school unless there was a problem with your child. Whereas, for Brian the doors were always open at Good Shepherd. I was always welcome at the school.”

Brian graduated from Good Shepherd in 2016 as valedictorian and is now in the eighth grade at Jesuit High School. Brian says his experience at Good Shepherd prepared him well for Jesuit’s challenging curriculum.

“At Good Shepherd I was able to meet people who helped me prepare for college. They are helping me, not only in school, but also in life. I’m becoming a better person.”