LFC Daily News Clips | June 2, 2017

Good Morning

Column by Times-Picayune columnist Tim Morris
on The New York Times article “Some Hires by Betsy DeVos Are a Stark Departure From Her Reputation.”

The New York Times is apparently surprised to discover that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is not behaving like the bigoted, unfeeling, unthinking monster that the nation’s newspaper of record and other liberals think she is.

Check out the story in New Orleans Magazine profiling the work of Einstein schools in New Orleans.

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Liberals are going to hate Betsy DeVos no matter what: Opinion

New Orleans Magazine
Charter-ing a New Course | Einstein Group Providing for the city’s newest populations

The Lens
Founding principal returns to Mahalia Jackson after a year away, but closure remains on the table

American Federation for Children

Research Paper: The Wisconsin Role in the School Choice Movement

This week, Doctors John F. Witte and Patrick J. Wolf published a research paper titled “The Wisconsin Role in the School Choice Movement.”

Although the evidence on school choice, and the desirability of the policies themselves, remains fiercely contested 30 years later, our assessment is that, on balance, disadvantaged families in Wisconsin and elsewhere are no worse off and most likely somewhat better off if they have availed themselves of the school choice opportunities that Governor Thompson helped to make possible.

The 74
Allen: The Real Ed Reform Schism Is Between Parents Who Need School Choice & Elites Who Just Don’t Get It

The New York Times
Some Hires by Betsy DeVos Are a Stark Departure From Her Reputation

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