LFC Daily News Clips | June 22, 2017

Good Morning

In a blistering op-ed in the The Times (Shreveport), Sen. John Milkovich says Louisiana Education Superintendent John White “has arguably politicized the Louisiana DOE more than any other superintendent in Louisiana history.” Milkovic is a Democrat and vice-chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

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The Times
Sen. Milkovich: Why John White should get the boot

The Hechinger Report
Is school choice helping or hurting Catholic schools in New Orleans?

The Advocate
Hotly debated teacher overhaul in Louisiana touted as ‘model’ for other states after first year

The Lens
Charter school kept two homeless children out of class for a month because they didn’t have uniforms

American Federation for Children

Bi-Partisan School Choice Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly

The 74
For a Truly Effective School Choice System, Have High-Quality Options in Every Neighborhood

U.S. News & World Report
Don’t Gamble on Vouchers

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