LFC Daily News Clips | July 14, 2017

Good Morning

Yesterday, the Center for American Progress and American Federation of Teachers fumbled the ball at their event yesterday attempting to misinform the public about the history of segregation in this country. Their botched report and panel weren’t well received in statements from two members of AFC’s board of directors:

Kevin P. Chavous: “Quoting flawed research and making specious links to Jim Crow-era tactics cannot diminish the fact that today’s private school choice movement has been overwhelmingly embraced with open arms by minority families across the country.”

Ann Duplessis: “For the Center for American Progress Action Fund and American Federation of Teachers to conflate segregationists’ tactics of the past with the present-day school choice movement is an insult to the nearly 440,000 parents nationwide who use private school choice options to level the playing field.”

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