LFC Daily News Clips | July 20, 2017

Good Morning

A scoop of ice cream and top it with school choice – check out how AFC’s Georgia grassroots team’s Summer Scoops events are helping spread the message of school choice in the Peach State. http://bit.ly/2tt5dIk

Have great day. – Paul


The Times Picayune
John Bel Edwards could try to oust Education Superintendent John White through a lawsuit

The Advocate
Gov. John Bel Edwards says Louisiana education superintendent not legally in the job

The Hayride
The East Baton Rouge School System Is A Sinking Ship Which Can’t Be Saved

The Advocate
GEO Prep readies second Baton Rouge school, taking over charter on verge of closing

The Times Picayune
After failed charter school bid, leader wants to go back to Orleans district

The Lens
Former head of charter group led by school district employees may return to public employment

New charter school opens in Lafayette with non-traditional scheduling

The 74
Cook: Pettiness Blocks Progress in Louisiana, as Governor Vetoes Common Sense Education Bill

American Federation for Children

A Hopeful Vision for Schools of Tomorrow (Hergit Llenas)

Wisconsin School Choice Coalition Urges Eligibility Expansion

In Georgia, Ice Cream Sets the Stage for School Choice Ahead of Primaries (David Morgan)

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