LFC Daily News Clips | October 17, 2017

Good Morning

ICYMI: Special report from The 74, “Reinventing America’s Schools”. The report features change makers who played a significant role in New Orleans’ post-Hurricane Katrina education reforms. http://bit.ly/2eIkLBK

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The Advocate
BESE to weigh post-flood letter grade changes for EBR

The Hechinger Report
Charters felt pressured to promise miraculous progress — but none met the targets
Ambitious goals were not uncommon in New Orleans charter schools, but rarely achieved.

The Advocate
Just three educators apply to replace founding Central Supt. Faulk, one in-house, two outsiders

American Federation for Children

When It Comes to School Choice and Church-Based Advocacy, What About the Congregants? (David Morgan)



U.S. News & World Report
A Standoff in the Education Wars
Stiff competition between charter and district schools presents an opportunity to collaborate.

The 74
David Osborne: Vouchers for All Are Not a Good Idea. That’s Reality, Not Politics

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