LFC Daily News Clips | October 19, 2017

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Tonight: The Collective Greater New Orleans presents “Leading in Today’s America”. The conversation will include LFC President Ann Duplessis and Louisiana Department of Education Assistant Superintendent Kunjan Narechania.

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American Press
School letter grades a sensitive subject

The 74
Aldeman: How La.’s Teacher Pension System Can Be Both Crushingly Expensive and Not Very Good for Educators

The 74
Mississippi Governor to Decide Soon on State Takeover of Jackson Schools

The Advocate
East Baton Rouge considering creating a ‘transformation zone’ to turn around D and F schools

The Advocate
Flood’s disruption prompts pass for East Baton Rouge schools on 2016-17 performance scores

The Advocate
Compare tuition for Baton Rouge-area Catholic elementary schools in 2017

The Advocate
Central School Board sets times and order of interviews for 3 superintendent candidates

The Advertiser
Some changes, many questions for Lafayette schools of choice

American Federation for Children

Setting the Record Straight on the Orlando Sentinel’s Sensational Journalism (Tommy Schultz)


Florida Politics
In latest attack on private schools, Orlando Sentinel works ‘without rules’

The 74
Gov. Jeb Bush — What Florida Can Teach America About Empowering Families Through Education Freedom

The 74
Rotherham: Matt Damon Seems Blissfully Ignorant of Many Things. So Why Should We Listen to Him on Schools?

The Atlantic
Why Parents Make Flawed Choices About Their Kids’ Schooling
A new study shows that families act on insufficient information when it comes to figuring out where to enroll their children.

The 74
Porterfield: When Public Charter School Alumni Thrive in College

PBS News Hour
Why education reform keeps failing students

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