LFC Daily News Clips | October 3, 2017

Good Morning

If we could all be as fortunate at Matt Damon­­—successful actor, fabulously wealthy and so concerned about education that he makes a film about denying school choice to poor families. Chris Stewart’s op-ed from The 74: http://bit.ly/2xXavNc

Enjoy your day. – Paul


Waiting In The Dark: In NOLA, School Choice Brings Early Mornings, Long Bus Rides

American Press
Aim for tenure reforms with some leeway

The New Orleans Advocate
Letters: Get them young for education, good jobs

American Federation for Children

Why I Support School Choice – An Advocate’s Story (Alyson Miles)


U.S. News & World Report
The Evolution of Betsy DeVos
The education secretary came in as a federal private school choice champion. What happened?

The 74
As New Wisconsin Budget Expands Voucher Program and Charter Schools, a Governor’s Race Forms Around Key Education Issues

The 74
States Have Stepped Up, but Community, National Pressure Still Needed to Ensure Quality Schools Under ESSA, Chiefs Say

The 74
Matt Damon Chose Private School for His Kids. Great. But Why Is He Making a Film About Denying School Choice to Poor Families?

Education Week
Why Have Homeschooling Numbers Flattened Out After a Decade of Growth?

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